Ports – Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands, located in the South Atlantic Ocean, have several ports that play an important role in their economy, especially in the fishing industry and tourism. In this article we will look at the main ports of the Falkland Islands, their location and functions.

  1. Port Stanley: The main port and capital of the Falkland Islands, located on the island of East Falkland. Port Stanley caters for both cargo and passenger vessels, including cruise ships. The port is an important centre for fish and seafood exports and also plays a key role in island supply and tourism.
  2. Falkland Harbour: Located on East Falkland Island near the settlement of Port Louis. This harbour is mainly used for fishing and servicing fishing vessels. It also plays a role in the local economy and supply.
  3. Port William: Located near Port Stanley. This port is a natural harbour and is used for anchoring vessels, especially in cases of adverse weather conditions. Port William supports logistics activities and is an important element of the islands’ infrastructure.

Full list of official ports that exist in the region:

  • STANLEY (UN/LOCODE: FKPSY, East Coast of South America)
  • STANLEY ANCH (East Coast of South America)

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