Ports – Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea, located on the west coast of Central Africa, has several key ports that play an important role in its economy and international trade. In this article we will look at Equatorial Guinea’s main ports, their location and functions.

  1. Malabo Port: This is the country’s main port, located in the capital Malabo on Bioko Island. The Port of Malabo serves a significant portion of Equatorial Guinea’s foreign trade, including exports of oil, gas and other commodities. It also plays an important role in the importation of food, manufactured goods and equipment. The Port of Malabo has a well-developed infrastructure to handle different types of cargo.
  2. Port of Bata: Located on the mainland in the city of Bata, which is the second largest city in Equatorial Guinea. The Port of Bata handles both cargo and passenger vessels. It plays an important role in the export of timber, agricultural products and petroleum, as well as in the import of consumer goods and construction materials.
  3. Port of Luba: Located on Bioko Island, south of Malabo. Luba Port is an important oil port serving tankers and vessels related to the oil industry. It also plays a role in logistics and support for oil platforms in the Gulf of Guinea.
  4. Port of Kogo: Located at the southern tip of the mainland, on the shores of the Gulf of Kogo. The port of Kogo is of lesser importance compared to the ports of Malabo and Bata, but it is important for local trade and fisheries.

Full list of official ports that exist in the region:

  • MALABO (UN/LOCODE: GQSSG, Gulf of Guinea)
  • BATA (UN/LOCODE: GQBSG, Gulf of Guinea)
  • LUBA (UN/LOCODE: GQLUB, Gulf of Guinea)
  • COGO (UN/LOCODE: GQCOG, Gulf of Guinea)
  • BATA ANCH (Gulf of Guinea)
  • MALABO ANCH (Gulf of Guinea)
  • ANNOBON (UN/LOCODE: GQABU, Gulf of Guinea)
  • CEIBA TERMINAL (Gulf of Guinea)

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