Ports of Algeria

Algeria has several important ports that play a key role in the country’s economy, especially given its strategic position on the Mediterranean Sea. Important ports that play a key role in the country’s economy and transportation infrastructure:

  1. ALGER
  • Algiers (Port of Algiers) is the country’s main port, located in the capital. It handles most maritime imports and exports, including container, cargo and passenger transportation.
  • Port area: Western Mediterranean.
  1. ORAN
  • The Port of Oran, the second most important port in Algeria, is also active in international trade and has a well-developed infrastructure for handling a variety of cargoes.
  • Port area: Western Mediterranean.
  • The Port of Bejaia is one of the largest ports in the east of the country, known for its specialization in liquid and bulk cargoes and as an important export port, especially for oil products and minerals.
  • Port area: Western Mediterranean.
  1. ANNABA.
  • Annaba (Port of Annaba) is an important port in northeastern Algeria, specializing in the handling of iron ore and steel, as well as other minerals and metals.
  • Port area: Western Mediterranean.
  • Port of Skikda is a large port based on oil and gas processing, also handles general and containerized cargo.
  • Port area: Western Mediterranean.
  1. ARZEW
  • Port of Arzew is another important port specializing in oil and gas exports, including liquefied natural gas.
  • Port area: Western Mediterranean

Full list of official ports that exist in the region:

  • ALGER (UN/LOCODE: DZALG, Western Mediterranean)
  • SKIKDA (UN/LOCODE: DZSKI, Western Mediterranean)
  • ORAN (UN/LOCODE: DZORN, Western Mediterranean)
  • ARZEW (UN/LOCODE: DZAZW, Western Mediterranean)
  • BEJAIA (UN/LOCODE: DZBJA, Western Mediterranean)
  • ANNABA (UN/LOCODE: DZAAE, Western Mediterranean)
  • ORAN ANCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • ALGER ANCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • BEJAIA ANCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • DJEN DJEN (UN/LOCODE: DZDJE, Western Mediterranean)
  • DJEN DJEN ANCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • SKIKDA ANCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • MOSTAGANEM (UN/LOCODE: DZMOS, Western Mediterranean)
  • GHAZAOUET ANCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • GHAZAOUET (UN/LOCODE: DZGHZ, Western Mediterranean)
  • ANNABA ANCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • ARZEW ANCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • BOU HAROUN (Western Mediterranean)
  • TENES (UN/LOCODE: DZGHZ, Western Mediterranean)
  • AZWFFUN (Western Mediterranean)
  • BENI SAF (UN/LOCODE: DZBSF, Western Mediterranean)
  • BOU ZADJAR (Western Mediterranean)
  • CHERCHELL (UN/LOCODE: DZCHE, Western Mediterranean)
  • CHETAIBI (Western Mediterranean)
  • COLLO (UN/LOCODE: DZCOL, Western Mediterranean)
  • DELLYS (UN/LOCODE: DZDEL, Western Mediterranean)
  • EL DJAMILA (Western Mediterranean)
  • EL KALA (UN/LOCODE: DZQLK, Western Mediterranean)
  • EL MARSA (Western Mediterranean)
  • GOURAYA (Western Mediterranean)
  • JIJEL (UN/LOCODE: DZDJI, Western Mediterranean)
  • KRISTEL (Western Mediterranean)
  • LA PEROUSE (Western Mediterranean)
  • MARSA (Western Mediterranean)
  • MARSA BEN M’HEDI (Western Mediterranean)
  • MOSTAGANEM ANCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • PALM BEACH (Western Mediterranean)
  • PETIT PORT (Western Mediterranean)
  • PLAGE TAFSOUT (Western Mediterranean)
  • PORT DE CHIFFALO (Western Mediterranean)
  • SIDI ABDERRAHMANE (Western Mediterranean)
  • SIDI FERRUCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • STORA (Western Mediterranean)
  • TAGNANT DJENET (Western Mediterranean)
  • TARANIMT (Western Mediterranean)
  • TENES ANCH (Western Mediterranean)
  • TIGZIRT (Western Mediterranean)
  • TIPAZA (UN/LOCODE: DZAZA, Western Mediterranean)
  • ZEMMOURI BAHAR (Western Mediterranean)
  • ZIAMA MANSOURIA (Western Mediterranean)

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