Ports of American Samoa

American Samoa, although small in area, has several ports that serve an important role in its economy and connections to the rest of the world. Important ports that play a key role in the region’s economy and transport infrastructure:

  • The Port of Pago Pago (Port of Pago Pago) is American Samoa’s main and largest port, located on Pago Pago Bay. The port serves both domestic and international traffic, including containerised cargo, fishing and passenger traffic. Pago Pago Port is also known as one of the safest natural harbours in the Pacific, making it a popular station for cruise ships and naval vessels.
  • Port Area: South Pacific Ocean

Full list of official ports that exist in the region:

  • PAGO PAGO (UN/LOCODE: ASPPG, South Pacific)
  • OFU (UN/LOCODE: ASOFU, South Pacific)
  • PAGO PAGO ANCH (South Pacific)
  • TAU (UN/LOCODE: ASTAV, South Pacific)

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