Ports – Aruba

Aruba, an island in the Caribbean Sea, has several ports that cater to both the tourist and commercial needs of the island. Here are some of the major ports in Aruba:

  1. Port of Oranjestad – Aruba’s main port, located in the capital of the island. This port hosts many cruise ships and is a popular destination for tourists. It also caters to cargo traffic and local passenger traffic.
  2. Barcadera Port – This is a newer and more modern cargo port that is located near Oranjestad. Barcadera Port specialises in handling containers and other types of cargo, providing import and export of goods to and from the island.
  3. Port of San Nicolas – Located in the southeast of the island, this port was historically used to serve the oil refining industry. It can now also handle other types of cargo and is used to support industrial operations on the island.

Full list of official ports that exist in the region:

  • ARUBA (UN/LOCODE: AWAUA, North Coast South America)
  • ARUBA ANCH (North Coast South America)

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