Ports – Belarus

Belarus, being landlocked, does not have its own seaports. However, the country supports trade through seaports of other countries, such as those of the Baltic States, especially the port of Klaipeda in Lithuania and the port of Ventspils in Latvia. These ports play an important role in the export and import of goods through Belarus, especially by rail and road routes.

There are several river ports in Belarus, which play an important role in the country’s transport infrastructure. Here are some of them:

  1. Mogilev River Port – Located on the Dnieper River and is one of the largest river ports in the country. It serves cargo traffic as well as passenger traffic on the river.
  2. Gomel River Port – Another important river port on the Dnieper River, serving both freight and passenger traffic.
  3. Vitebsk River Port – Located on the Western Dvina River and plays a key role in transport flows in the region.
  4. Mozyr River Port – Located on the Pripyat River and serves mainly freight traffic.

Full list of official ports that exist in the region:

  • BOBRUYSK (UN/LOCODE: BYBOB, Domestic, Europe)
  • BREST (UN/LOCODE: BYBQT, Domestic, Europe)
  • GOMEL (UN/LOCODE: BYGME, Domestic, Europe)
  • MAZYR (UN/LOCODE: BYMAZ, Domestic, Europe)
  • MIKASHEVICHY (Domestic, Europe)
  • MOGILEV (UN/LOCODE: BYMVQ, Domestic, Europe)
  • PINSK (UN/LOCODE: BYPIK, Domestic, Europe)
  • RECHITSA (UN/LOCODE: BYRYA, Domestic, Europe)

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