Ports – Belize

Belize, a country in Central America, has several ports that play an important role in its economy and links to international trade. Although Belize has a small coastline on the Caribbean Sea, its ports cater to foreign trade and tourism. Here are some of them:

  1. Port of Belize City – This is the main seaport in Belize, located in the capital city, Belize City. The Port of Belize City handles both cargo and passenger vessels and also plays an important role in the tourism industry.
  2. Port of Puerto Barrios – Located in neighbouring Guatemala, the Port of Puerto Barrios is often used for trade links with Belize and other Central American countries.
  3. Port of Puerto Cortes – Another port that is often used for international trade and links to Belize is located in Honduras, near the border with Belize.

Full list of official ports that exist in the region:

  • OLD BELIZE (Gulf of Honduras)
  • BELIZE CITY (UN/LOCODE: BZBZE, Gulf of Honduras)
  • RADISSON FORT GEORGE (Gulf of Honduras)
  • BARRANCO (UN/LOCODE: BZBAR, Gulf of Honduras)
  • PUNTA GORDA (UN/LOCODE: BZPND, Gulf of Honduras)
  • BIG CREEK (UN/LOCODE: BZBGK, Gulf of Honduras)
  • PLACENCIA (UN/LOCODE: BZPLJ, Gulf of Honduras)
  • DANGRIGA (UN/LOCODE: BZDGA, Gulf of Honduras)
  • CAYE CAULKER (UN/LOCODE: BZCUK, Gulf of Honduras)
  • CAYE CHAPEL (UN/LOCODE: BZCUC, Gulf of Honduras)
  • SAN PEDRO (UN/LOCODE: BZSPR, Gulf of Honduras)
  • MONKEY (Gulf of Honduras)
  • COROZAL (UN/LOCODE: BZCZH, Gulf of Honduras)
  • HARVEST CAYE (Gulf of Honduras)
  • BELIZE CITY ANCH (Gulf of Honduras)
  • BIG CREEK ANCH (Gulf of Honduras)

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