Ports – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a landlocked inland state, so it does not have its own seaports. However, the country has a small coastal area on the Adriatic Sea, which allows it to use the seaports of neighbouring countries for foreign trade. The most commonly used seaports for communication with Bosnia and Herzegovina are:

  1. Port of Ploče, Croatia – Located in Croatia, this port provides important rail and road links to Bosnia and Herzegovina via inland transport routes.
  2. Port of Bar, Montenegro – Located in Montenegro, the Port of Bar also serves as a key transport hub for Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing transport links via road and rail routes.

Full list of official ports that exist in the region:

  • LOPATA (Adriatic Sea)
  • NEUM (UN/LOCODE: BANEM, Adriatic Sea)
  • NEUM CRKVICE (Adriatic Sea)
  • NEUM JAZINE (Adriatic Sea)

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