Ports – El Salvador

El Salvador, located on the Pacific coast of Central America, has several key ports that play an important role in its economy and international trade. In this article, we will look at El Salvador’s main ports, their location and functions.

  1. Port of Acajutla: This is El Salvador’s largest and most important port, located on the west coast of the country. The Port of Acapulco handles the bulk of El Salvador’s foreign trade, including exports of coffee, sugar, textiles, and metals, as well as imports of manufactured goods, petroleum, and chemicals. The port has a well-developed infrastructure for containerised and general cargo.
  2. Port of La Libertad: Located on the central coast of El Salvador. The Port of La Libertad is mainly used for fishing and tourism as well as local trade. It plays an important role in supporting the fishing industry and the regional economy.
  3. Puerto de La Unión: Located on the east coast of El Salvador in the Gulf of Fonseca. The Port of La Unión was built to become an important trade and logistics centre in the region, but its development and use is currently limited. Nevertheless, it has potential for growth and could become a key port in the future.

Full list of official ports that exist in the region:

  • ACAJUTLA (UN/LOCODE: SVAQJ, West Coast of Central America)
  • LA UNION (UN/LOCODE: SVLUN, West Coast of Central America)
  • CORRAL DE MULAS (West Coast of Central America)
  • LA LIBERTAD (UN/LOCODE: SVLLD, West Coast of Central America)
  • ACAJUTLA ANCH (West Coast of Central America)
  • COSTA DEL SOL (West Coast of Central America)

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