Official state public registers of companies. Partner data verification for successful and safe transactions.

In the world of business, transparency and reliability of information play a crucial role. This is especially true in the wholesale trade of petroleum products, where every transaction requires thorough verification of counterparties and partners. One of the most effective ways to ensure safety and reliability in business relations is to turn to public registers of companies.

Public registers are databases containing information about legal entities, their registration, activities, directors and other essential aspects. For petroleum products traders around the world, access to such registers is becoming an integral part of the pre-transaction analysis process.

In this article, we offer a useful resource for our readers – a list of official public company registries in various countries around the world. We place particular emphasis on public data sources, excluding unverified private resources, to ensure the reliability and validity of the information provided.

Unfortunately, not all countries in the world have publicly available company data. Many countries around the world have not yet opened the registers of their companies and organisations for public access, but most of the developed world has done so. We have tried to collect information on all countries of the world and to find in each country of the world an official, state public register of companies, as well as provide a link to each online register of enterprises and companies.

The full database can be found at the links below:

North America

South America




Australia and Oceania

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