Ports of the World. Comprehensive database of all ports in the world.

The importance of seaports and river ports in the global supply chain cannot be overemphasised. Seaports play a key role in the global economy as they are the main nodes in the international trade and logistics network. Various sources estimate that around 80-90 per cent of world trade is carried by water, making port operations one of the most significant elements in the global economic system. Sea and river ports provide efficient and cost-effective transportation of large volumes of cargo, including oil and petroleum products, which are critical resources for most countries in the world.

Economic importance of ports

Sea and river ports not only contribute to the trade turnover of countries, but also have a significant impact on their economic development. Ports create thousands of jobs, both directly and indirectly through port-related industries such as shipbuilding, logistics, services and others. Moreover, they are a source of significant tax revenues and contribute to the development of regional infrastructure.

Strategic importance of ports

Sea and river ports are often of strategic importance, as control over major ports can significantly increase a country’s political and economic influence in the region and in the world. In addition, in times of global economic crises or political conflict, ports become key points for the distribution of humanitarian aid and other critical cargo.

The challenge of collecting data on the world’s ports

Creating a comprehensive and up-to-date database of all the world’s sea and river ports is a huge task, but the results will be invaluable to a wide range of professionals. This database will become an indispensable tool for analysts, logisticians, economists and many other specialists involved in planning and managing international freight traffic. It will help to optimise transport flows, increase the efficiency of trade operations and improve strategic planning in various industries.

We have counted 20,771 ports in the world and have endeavoured to compile as complete a database as possible of all existing sea and river ports in the world, for each individual country and region:

RegionNumber of portsLink list of ports
Albania15port list >>>>
Algeria50port list >>>>
American Samoa4port list >>>>
Angola41port list >>>>
Anguilla12port list >>>>
Antarctica25port list >>>>
Antigua and Barbuda16port list >>>>
Argentina74port list >>>>
Aruba2port list >>>>
Australia341port list >>>>
Austria36port list >>>>
Azerbaijan15port list >>>>
Bahamas222port list >>>>
Bahrain7port list >>>>
Bangladesh6port list >>>>
Barbados5port list >>>>
Belarus8port list >>>>
Belgium80port list >>>>
Belize16port list >>>>
Benin3port list >>>>
Bermuda7port list >>>>
Bolivia2port list >>>>
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba6port list >>>>
Bosnia and Herzegovina4port list >>>>
Brazil149port list >>>>
British Virgin Islands39port list >>>>
Brunei6port list >>>>
Bulgaria17port list >>>>
Cambodia5port list >>>>
Cameroon11port list >>>>
Canada1353port list >>>>
Cape Verde14port list >>>>
Cayman Islands10port list >>>>
Chile101port list >>>>
China282port list >>>>
Christmas Island2port list >>>>
Colombia29port list >>>>
Comoros9port list >>>>
Congo19port list >>>>
Cook Islands9port list >>>>
Costa Rica15port list >>>>
Croatia714port list >>>>
Cuba51port list >>>>
Curaçao10port list >>>>
Cyprus27port list >>>>
Czech Republic4port list >>>>
Denmark624port list >>>>
Djibouti2port list >>>>
Dominica5port list >>>>
Dominican Republic33port list >>>>
DR Congo6port list >>>>
Ecuador29port list >>>>
Egypt53port list >>>>
El Salvador6port list >>>>
Equatorial Guinea9port list >>>>
Eritrea4port list >>>>
Estonia74port list >>>>
Falkland Islands2port list >>>>
Faroe Islands43port list >>>>
Fiji26port list >>>>
Finland906port list >>>>
France508port list >>>>
French Polynesia17port list >>>>
Gabon34port list >>>>
Gambia2port list >>>>
Georgia10port list >>>>
Germany490port list >>>>
Ghana8port list >>>>
Gibraltar3port list >>>>
Greece633port list >>>>
Greenland16port list >>>>
Grenada17port list >>>>
Guadeloupe28port list >>>>
Guam1port list >>>>
Guatemala7port list >>>>
Guernsey4port list >>>>
Guiana10port list >>>>
Guinea12port list >>>>
Guinea-Bissau5port list >>>>
Guyana6port list >>>>
Haiti24port list >>>>
Honduras18port list >>>>
Hong Kong3port list >>>>
Hungary25port list >>>>
Iceland76port list >>>>
India139port list >>>>
Indonesia316port list >>>>
Installations in international waters2port list >>>>
Iran110port list >>>>
Iraq9port list >>>>
Ireland196port list >>>>
Isle of Man7port list >>>>
Israel13port list >>>>
Italy596port list >>>>
Côte d’Ivoire6port list >>>>
Jamaica19port list >>>>
Japan1061port list >>>>
Jersey1port list >>>>
Jordan3port list >>>>
Kazakhstan10port list >>>>
Kenya5port list >>>>
Kiribati3port list >>>>
Korea104port list >>>>
Kuwait11port list >>>>
Latvia17port list >>>>
Lebanon16port list >>>>
Liberia44port list >>>>
Libya36port list >>>>
Lithuania4port list >>>>
Luxembourg1port list >>>>
Macao1port list >>>>
Madagascar16port list >>>>
Malaysia91port list >>>>
Maldives3port list >>>>
Malta13port list >>>>
Marshall Islands72port list >>>>
Martinique18port list >>>>
Mauritania7port list >>>>
Mauritius3port list >>>>
Mayotte4port list >>>>
Mexico124port list >>>>
Micronesia6port list >>>>
Moldova1port list >>>>
Monaco3port list >>>>
Montenegro17port list >>>>
Montserrat3port list >>>>
Morocco46port list >>>>
Mozambique20port list >>>>
Myanmar6port list >>>>
Northern Mariana4port list >>>>
Namibia4port list >>>>
Nauru1port list >>>>
Netherlands588port list >>>>
New Caledonia30port list >>>>
New Zealand71port list >>>>
Nicaragua17port list >>>>
Nigeria40port list >>>>
Niue3port list >>>>
North Korea14port list >>>>
Norway951port list >>>>
Oman38port list >>>>
Pakistan9port list >>>>
Palau9port list >>>>
Panama87port list >>>>
Papua New Guinea31port list >>>>
Paraguay3port list >>>>
Peru46port list >>>>
Philippines158port list >>>>
Pitcairn1port list >>>>
Poland24port list >>>>
Portugal79port list >>>>
Puerto Rico44port list >>>>
Qatar16port list >>>>
Reunion2port list >>>>
Romania31port list >>>>
Russia251port list >>>>
St Maarten10port list >>>>
Samoa1port list >>>>
Sao Tome and Principe3port list >>>>
Saudi Arabia40port list >>>>
Senegal8port list >>>>
Serbia13port list >>>>
Seychelles5port list >>>>
Sierra Leone11port list >>>>
Singapore33port list >>>>
St. Maarten5port list >>>>
Slovakia5port list >>>>
Slovenia6port list >>>>
Solomon Islands14port list >>>>
Somalia9port list >>>>
South Africa39port list >>>>
Spain363port list >>>>
Sri Lanka12port list >>>>
St Berthelemy9port list >>>>
St Helena6port list >>>>
St Kitts and Nevis21port list >>>>
Saint Lucia13port list >>>>
Saint Pierre Miquelon3port list >>>>
Saint Vincent Grenadines24port list >>>>
Sudan5port list >>>>
Suriname7port list >>>>
Sweden1082port list >>>>
Switzerland4port list >>>>
Syria6port list >>>>
Taiwan34port list >>>>
Tanzania18port list >>>>
Thailand46port list >>>>
East Timor4port list >>>>
Togo4port list >>>>
Tokelau3port list >>>>
Tonga6port list >>>>
Trinidad and Tobago20port list >>>>
Tunisia50port list >>>>
Turkey309port list >>>>
Turkmenistan10port list >>>>
Turks Caicos15port list >>>>
Tuvalu3port list >>>>
Ukraine66port list >>>>
United Arab Emirates63port list >>>>
United Kingdom664port list >>>>
Uruguay22port list >>>>
American Virgin Islands32port list >>>>
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA4108port list >>>>
Vanuatu7port list >>>>
Vatican City1port list >>>>
Venezuela78port list >>>>
Vietnam45port list >>>>
Wallis Futuna3port list >>>>
Yemen16port list >>>>

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